Tragically Broken

Tragically Broken - N.J. Danner **Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.**
This is the first book from NJ that I have read and I must say I loved it!!
Sometimes you will laugh and sometimes you will get your eyes moist because this is an emotional story.

Alex Kohen’s heart has been broken since she lost her husband in a car accident will she ever find true love again or is she too damaged as she thinks she is?

She uses her job as top rated Neurologist to escape from her own feelings, but what happens when fate brings her Kellen Rhion a rich socialite – a celebrity bachelor whose grandfather in now in her care after his skydiving accident.

Kellen is also the power of attorney for his grandfather and he demands to meet the head of Neurology immediately, after she explains that his grandfather has no chance of full recovery Kellen needs to grand his grandfather’s wishes to let him go.

But what was this strange attraction between those two? One thing is for sure Alex is not planning to get involved with family of her lost patient but Kellen is not planning to give up on her.

So will fate bring them together?

From the moment I started to read I could not stop reading, it has everything in the story, secrets, betrayal, trust and will love mend her broken heart.