Harkham's Choice

Harkham's Choice - Chanse Lowell Thank you Chanse for letting me pre read this for you! Great story I can't wait for part 3.

This is the second book about Mari and Adam, the love story continuous where the last book ended but they don't have a easy future before them because someone is out to destroy Mari. Not only with words but also with weapons.
How will Adam react with all these violent actions will he get thru this our will he get in his world again and start count numbers again?
And what happens as Adam finds out that he's not born with this behavior?

As you can read I loved this book sometimes I ask myself where does Chanse gets her inspiration to write these stories because these two characters are so different but the way she writes about them you can feel the love growing between them.

I hope you like reading them as much as I did, so stop reading my review and start reading this wonderful book.