Shameless - Nina Lemay **Complimentary copy provided by Nina Lemay for an honest review.**

Oh this is a difficult one to rate, but I gave it a 3star. I liked the story but I missed something, was it because Hannah is so down about everything I don’t know.

When I read the description I though great story can’t wait to read it but what bothered me in the story was how black minded Hannah was every time, I understand being a stripper to pay for your education and bills is not all happy gooey but even when she meets the sophisticated French Emmanuel.

Hannah is going to find out that the young guy who received a lap dance the night before is her teacher. Ok a hottie with tattoos on his hands and on his body was in my opinion too sweet, too nice and too understanding.
They both needed to get more fire in to the story and when it became better the story ended so quickly.

But overall a good book, nice to read, I hope the next book from Nina is going to blow me out of my socks and will give me a reason to give her a 5 star review!!