Secret Moves (Secret Dreams, #3)

Secret Moves (Secret Dreams, #3) - Miranda P. Charles **I received an ARC copy for my review**
Ok Miranda did it again, I loved these Secret Dreams stories and as usual when you start reading her books you can’t stop till it’s finished.

This story goes about Kris; she is Jasmine’s best friend and also a bridesmaid at her wedding. And like always if you are on a wedding it brings out desires that no one can ignore even Kris. But all she wants is a good, hot, short fling; the only one she considers is Playboy Trey Andrews but after a talk with all her best friends this was out of the question, never will she fall again for a Bad Boy it only gives you grieve afterwards.

Playboy Trey Andrews is business partner and best friend of Dylan (book 2) and Adam (book 4 tbr in Jan 2014), just found out that the beautiful Kris considered him for a possible on-night stand but changed her mind about it. Why would she change her mind?

As always Kris has no filter when she speaks, what leads her in funny and steamy conversations! During a sensual slow dance at the wedding she convinces Trey that she can teach him how to dance before she goes home on one condition he needs to help her find the perfect one-night stand guy?

No way in hell that Trey is going to search for this guy, he wants to be THAT guy. Will Kris change her mind about this Bad Boy? Will they just have a fling or is there a hot steamy passion in progress?

Like always a great hot, steamy romantic story, can’t wait for the new story about Sam and Adam in January 2014!!