Hopeless For You

Hopeless For You - Hayden Hill **I received an ARC copy for my review**
First book of Hayden Hill and I loved, easy to read and steamy book cover.

Faith brings 2 people with different lifestyles together all it takes is a routine field trip in the woods.

Ash Jensen a young girl who never thought she will love again after burying her fiancé recently until she meets the yummy Canadian conservation officer Kade Gyllenhahl.

Kade sees Ash as a spoiled princess but he has troubles getting her out of his mind not to mention he will not risk his job for her no way he needs to stay away from her.

During this journey they will have to overcome the force of nature, rivers that overflow, mud slides which result in landing in the freezing river and don’t forget the wolves!!! This time they need to work together and combine their strength, but is the spoiled princess though enough for this emotional and physical?

Everything is combined in this book danger, love, pain, friendship, loss and hot steamy sex.

Once you start reading you get sucked in the story and the characters, maybe the next book can go after the story of Gina and Blaine the best friends of Ash and Kade.