Blissful 1

Blissful 1 - Clarissa Wild **I received an ARC copy for my review**
Congratulations Clarissa you have me addicted again to your books!!

I feel in love with the characters immediately, you could feel the heartache in every word that was written about betrayal, if you see your fiancé for 8 years kissing with your best friend on your wedding day.

The only solution that Amy has is to leave asap and start a new episode in her life, if that is not enough her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, but her back luck is going to change.
Meet Jack a hot, sexy, gorgeous rancher who will come to the rescue of Amy. But he also has his own secrets and problems, but one thing is clear for him he is not ready to fall in love again.

Both people lost in their lives; do they have a chance to succeed in love?