Patch Up

Patch Up - Stephanie Witter ** ARC provided by an author in exchange for honest review **
WARNING if you don't want to read about abused victems don't read this book.

Concidering the content about abuse I found this a well written book, it has some parts that can be pretty shocking.

The story goes about Skye and Duke who have a difficult time in their life both are lost but this will change after meeting each other in Psychology class. But can two broken people help each other? And what about Skye's ex boyfriend who still has a lot of influence after their 3 year relationship where he abused her more than anything. He has no intention to let her go in his mind she's still his an no one elses.
Will she survive his last atempt when he kidnappeds her? Can she break free from his and her fears?

This was a great story to read once you start you can't stop reading. It keep me thinking how many woman are going through this without anyone knowing what is happening.

I want to thank the writer to give me the chance to read her book, can't wait to read another of her.