Twice In a Lifetime

Twice In a Lifetime - Ruthie Henrick This book is one of the reasons I love reading, I loved it from the moment I started reading the short description.

Everybody is searching for true love but what is the chance of finding it twice. The story has everything love, friendship, betrayal and loss of a loved one.
Sometimes life can give you a strange turn when you not expect it.

The story starts with a blind date to help their friends Reese and Jake out Allie and Ben agree for this date, but nobody expected this to result in a marriage. After a good marriage, a beautiful son and a couple of miscarriges faith strikes Allie's world. Not only she looses her husband in a car accident she finds out his betrayal.

Jake is also shocked by his best friends betrayal but is not going to stand at the sideline again to watch the woman he loves for the past fifteen years to crash down. Not only is he going to make sure his promise to his best friend to take care of Allie and her son, no it’s time to make his move.

But will it go easy to go from friend to lover, will she agree for that? Allie won't take away the family he wants and she no longer can give him.

Will he get the chance too show here that he needs only her and her family?