Black Box

Black Box - Cassia Leo OMG what a story, from the beginning you get suck into the story and find a way to stop reading. I had it after just reading chapter one, so make sure you take the time to get comfortable and relax because this is a heavy story.

Two desperate people with emotional problems and violet attacks get just one last chance to change their lives. Without knowing at first that their lives crossed paths three times already.

Mikki now nineteen years old had a violent attack 5 years ago and struggles with a bipolar disorder, she needs to get out of her hometown and books a flight to Los Angeles to end her live.

Crush can’t forget the girl who he saved 5 years ago after an attack; he even wrote a song for her “Black Box”, now he’s on his way to Los Angeles to record it.

But then a snow storm gets the two together and after a couple of days hanging out they slowly put their history together.

“Fear is blinding; it can make us miss the warning signes flashing right in front of our eyes. It can also make you miss those brilliant flashes of color, when the world isn't so gray. But, if you think about it, being afraid isn't such a bad thing. Because fear is a reminder that you still have something to lose.
Something Worth holding onto.”

Definitely a book to read!!!!