Fly like You've Never Been Grounded

Fly like You've Never Been Grounded - S.J. McCoy Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.

First of all I love this series from SJ, you can read them again and again you get caught up in these friendships and love for each other. So SJ as I see it we definitely need the story of Ben and one of Alexander.

So join the fourth book with Laura and Smoke.

If you read the previous books you know that Laura is the cousin from Jack and that she designs jewelry but lately they all have been engagement rings. When she goes to visit her friends in Summer Lake she did not think to find the sexy mysterious pilot Smoke on her way. What is it about him that makes her heart go crazy and keeps her mind occupied? Not that she's looking for a Mr. Right at the moment, she enjoys to much her life and job.

Smoke the HOT and charming pilot of Pete and Jack can't have this gorgeous woman out of his mind from the moment they met, even with her sassy mouth it seems that she has him in her spell. Is he going to take the risk of getting to know her after all she’s his employer/best friend’s cousin? One thing is for sure after the scars of his past he’s not giving any woman his heart again.

Are they going to Fly together or will one of them get burned again?