The arrangement

The Arrangement (Erotic Novella) - Olivia Fox

**I received an ARC copy for my review**

Great story again from Olivia but a little short, this is the story of Emma, Lily’s friend from “Untaming Lily Wilde”. 


If you have read the first book you will know that Emma works in a kinky lingerie shop. But know you will find out that she has a “friends with benefits relationship” with her boss Harry.   She doesn’t do serious relationships and that is a big problem for Harry because he wants her to be his. 


What Emma didn’t count on was an intervention of her friend Cayley she wants Emma to face facts that it’s time to face the demons of her past and that she is worldly to have her own love, because deep inside the really likes Harry, they have hot sex and they understand each other.


 Is she going to jump in a more serious relationship with the man she loves or will she run again?