A Loving Heart's Desire

A Loving Heart's Desire - R.J. Redlynn **I received an ARC copy for my review**

OMG seriously smoking HOT sexual story and this is just the first book written. We are going to hear more about this author. I loved it, easy and well written, can't wait for the next book.

Connor and Abbie are a normal couple who have great sex life but want to explore their sexual fantasies more deeply.

With some help from their friends Tony and Gianna they're getting more into their fantasies, from having sex in front of others to having a dominatrix at their home.

Conner wants to surprise his wife for their anniversary, he wants to learn to dance so he can give her the romantic night of her dreams. But for that he needs to lie at her and they get mixed up in jealousy and deception that threatens to destroy their marriage. Will their marriage survive all this?