Rock Hard SEAL

Rock Hard SEAL - Rye Hart I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. This is my fourth book from Rye and they get better each time.

What had should be a bodyguard free trip for 22 year old Abby and her friend Libby to Spain is once again ruined by her father job who's an big shot attorney prosecuting the worlds dangerous criminals. Because once again they made threats to her family, but this time Abby is not prepared for the hot ex Special Force bodyguard Harley.

Because of his mothers illness and all the loss of his brothers in the Special Forces, Harley retired and will now work as bodyguard for spoiled rich brats. Can he keep the sassy mouthed Abby save and also protect his heart or will he loose this mission?

A great story with steamy encounters, bullet fights and a chance of love. The only thing I would suggest is not to end the story so abruptly, loved to read more.