The Unmasked CEO

The Unmasked CEO - Miranda P. Charles Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.
As I sit here at home on a cold winter night, enjoying a glass of wine I receive an email from my favourite author with a request to ARC her new book. I can tell you my evening got better by the minute because again Miranda produced an other amazing story. You will never get tired of reading about all these bachelors who find the love of their lives, once you read one you get addicted.

So this time the story is about Simon the wealty CEO owner of a private jet service and also a Mile-high-Playboy, after seeing a couple of his friends starting a new life with love all around him he wants that of his own the only problem is he's a gold digger magnet. He needs to break this cycle so he plans to pretend he's a chauffeur and not a Billionaire so he can meet women because of him and not his wealth.

Geri a PA for an old lady who needs to find a chauffeur for a roundtrip what she never expected was to come across this amazing guy who she's instantly felt attracted to.

What happens after Simon caughts Geri skini dipping? And will they have their HEA after all the lies they find out of each other?

For this to know you will need to start reading this great story!! Hope you enjoy it as much I had.

So Miranda thank you again to give me the opportunity to ARC this wonderful story.