Everything Stolen

Everything Stolen - Sophia Scarlet Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.
What an amazing story from Sophia again, it's written with so much depth and love you can't escape this feeling. For the first time I had a real hate against a character while reading.

When Jeremy Bradford wakes up after 4 years everything is stolen his time and his wife and as he finds out on the way also his Son. And he will not rest before he founds out who was guilty of this accident, but maybe he doesn't have to find very far.

Sylvie who is now married to Silas (ok this is my hate person :o() is not prepared to see her lost love standing after 4 years on her doorstep. When she found out he didn't left her but was in a coma all this time her emotions go overboard. How can you tell her son that the man who called himself his father was not his real father but that she wanted to meet him.

Both Sylvie and Jeremy want to find out the truth to what happend that evening, was all this a coverup for something more??

Enjoy this amazing story and I hope you love this as much as I did!! Thank you Sophia for again writing this great work.