Unbreak My Heart

Unbreak My Heart - Nicole Jacquelyn I just loved this story, you've everything is this story. Love, tragedy, comfort and disbelieve.
Kate Evans a woman who will go to a fire for everyone, even helping her best friend Rachel with her kids after she has married the guy who was her soul mate and is serving in the military. Everytime he's home Rachel will shove Kate aside and spends all her energy on her family but then tragedy strikes and Rachel dies in a car accident while pregnant with her fourth child who's survived the crash. Kate sees only one option an takes over the parenting duties like she did already all the time before, but this will not be easy now that Shane is back in the picture and needs to deal with the lose of his wife.
Shane is crushed, angry and left with four children to raise, how will he combine his family with the military? Every runs his course till one night after the 1-years death of his wife, both drunken take comfort in each other which ends in a pregnacy.

Kate is heroine in this story and will need to take some hard decisions in her life and standup for herself. Shane my god you're a douchebag how can you treath a woman who helps you raise your children from the moment they were born like that. I can understand the anger and the hurt but my god some times I would like to punch you. Thank you Bram for doing this for me!!

Great story and I can't wait to read the story about Bram and Anita now!!