Writing Mr. Right

Writing Mr. Right - Michaela Wright Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.
So first book I have read from this author. But hey who will pass up a story about a Scottisch perfect man !!

Georgia's grandmother always told her “Soul mates always find their way to each other, my dear. In every life. And you know you have one. And the cards say you’ve already met him, too.” but she still thought it was her ex Walter was want she ment.

Now 2 years later she's going on a book tour to her beloved Edinburgh, the first time she came there was at the age of 8 with her mother, father and sister. They still told everyone the story that have her almost arrested for assaulting an officer.

Garrett MacCauley a bookshop owner in a small town Iverness, is preparing his shop for the Romance novalist Victoria Mason (aka Georgia), never is his mind would he know that the day she arrived their world would turn upside town.

The first moment they meet Georgia is a little bit overwelmed, because Garrett looks exactly like her character Douglas MacCready. Green eyes, a scar on his hand this could not be happening or is it? After a whole day of signing books the last one is for Garrett who she finds the perfect man.

After there steamy night together in the bookshop and his appartment it's time to say goodbye but both hate the idee of leaving, but promise to keep in touch! Couple of weeks later and still he didn't call or texted her maybe this was not meant to be. Garrett has a major problem he lost Georgia's phone number how will he contact her now?

Can they find each other back? And why is her grandmothers words always is the back of her mind? Because she never met him before or did she ??

Will they have their HEA?