Breaking Away Series Boxed Set

Breaking Away Series Boxed Set - Meli Raine Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.
Finding Allie (Breaking Away, #1)
This is the first book of Meli and my god what a story, I couldn't stop reading. I can't wait to start the next book but first this review.

Allie a young innocent girl who has not an easy live being alone with her stepfather after her mother was killed two years ago. The only thing now is working in her stepfathers bar to raise money so she can go to her sister in LA. I even suspect that he killed my mother.
After a drug dealing motercycle gang comes in the bar all hell brakes lose and then she finds out that her stepfathers turns out to be a rival drugdealer.

Chase can't believe his eyes when the cross with Allie, who is she and why can't I forget her? The only thing I want is too hold and to love her. But is this going to work out with my father who's the president of Atlas.

Can they start their adventure together or are they doomed before their love begins?

Chasing Allie (Breaking Away, #2)
OMG what a second story I want the last part now!!!! What a cliffhanger !!!!

Not only is my stepfather a drug dealer he has some plans for me, selling my virginity to a Mexican drug lord. Chase wants to bring me to LA to see my sister maybe then I'm safe and we can start living our dreams at the ocean.

After a great night of hope and dreams, I wake up alone where's Chase? And then I receive a call from the Police someone has killed my stepfather and I'm the prime suspect. They only thing I think about is where is Chase.

After getting hit on the head I wake up naked and bound. Who did this and why? I hear some footsteps but nothing had me prepaired for who is standing before me. Chase what's going on??

Keeping Allie (Breaking Away, #3)
I was glad this morning when I found the third book of the series in my mailbox. Because I couldn't wait to read after the cliffhanger from yesterday, I can tell you it didn't disappointed me.

Not all is what it seems is Chase one of the bad guys? And is Allie going crazy because is that really her mother standing over here? Lots of new people come in this story like Chases brother Mark can he save Allie in time?

Okay you know already that they will survive their love but it's going to get ugly first. I recommend this series to everyone who loves a good love story with some dangerous streaks in it.