Stripped Bare

Stripped Bare - Emma  Hart Great story, well written, funny and oh so HOT!!! The sparks are flying of the pages from the first moment Mia and West meet each other at the Bachelorette party of her best friend.
Ok your sparks would also light up if you had a private lap dance of a hot piece

The tension in the room grows hot and each movement West does keeps Mia mesmerized and the urge to touch him grows. It’s like West can read her mind because he wants to same so he grabs her hands and put them on his stomach. And soon both of them have trouble with their boundaries but then Mia propositions him to have a one night stand. And twelve hours later he was gone.

But Mia had never thought to see the hot stripper again and then she gets a new assignment from her boss she needs to market the same strip club as where the bachelorette party was in Vegas.

Maybe she will see the hot stripper again but she never had expected that her one night stand was the co-owner and can they separate business with pleasure or will they both be screwed?