Bad Boy Daddy

Bad Boy Daddy - Chance Carter I discovered Chance Carters writing for the first time when he asked me if I would like to have an personal bad boy romance story and OMG from the first chapter I was hooked. So each day now I receive a new chapter of my personal bad boy romance story. So if you want your own you can contact him by mail and you don't want to miss it!!!!

Ok but now about the Bad Boy Daddy story this is an thrilling but oh so romantic hot steamy story.
Faith Shepherd is at the end of her ropes, she needs to get out of her violent relationship with Wolf the leader of the Los Lobos who's planning to lock her up and use her as a slave. Never would she have guessed that the arrogant but oh so hot Jackson will save her live. Not only hated she his guts but after the first meeting she was hooked. How can she get away from Los Lobos without getting killed?

Jackson Jones is a real bad boy and has one goal in his life to find a woman who would bare his child, because after loosing his father he needs someone to carry his legacy further. While drinking his pain away he would never have guessed that the answer to his problem will back into the bar soaked to the skin and desperate. A few months earlier he had met the fisty Faith and could get her out of his mind, but how to pursued her without getting killed in the process because everybody knows you don't mess with the property of Wolf Staten.

Can he help Faith save her and in the process get her pregnant with this child in only a couple of days? And how long while it take to get the whole Los Lobos gang killed because there was no other way than that to protect Faith and his unborn child.

What price will they pay both in the meantime? Will they get their HEA or will Faith left behind?

My god an amazing story about love, commitment, brotherhood and trust between the two characters. Once you start reading you will have trouble putting the story down!! So don't hesitate to start reading this story and write to Chance to get your own personal BB story!!