The Unknown Billionaire

The Unknown Billionaire - Miranda P. Charles Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.
I must confess I'm a bit addicted on her writing and after a while reading this series you get the feeling that you're also a part of the captured by love family.

What can you say I love the whole concept of this group of friends, everyone of them wants to get the others their own love. Also I love the way that in every story you still get an update about the other, babies, engagements and they way they protect each other.

This time is for the fierce Marilyn and the unknown billionaire Jarryd. Their love life goes from sparkling to breaking up, will they get their HEA? Because nothing is simple if you have to keep secrets from each other, will Jarryd spill his secret or will he keep his promise to his birth mother after she passed away?

The intrigues began after he received an inheritance from his mother and her husband will do anything to make sure that everyone thinks that he coerced his mother into changing her will. Now Jarryd has to find a way to prove his innocence before he looses the love of his life!!

Marilyn's heart believes him but her mind tells something else, even her friends and family believe the story and why didn't he tell that he was a billionaire? Not that they money was important to her!

So find out if Jarryd gets a chance to explain his secret or if he loses Marilyn for good. Enjoy another great story in this Captured by Love series!!