Misconduct - Penelope Douglas I love reading the books of Penelope I never missed one, so I could wait to start reading this story.
At a masquerade ball Easton meets this mysterious stranger, he's hot and reckless but their encounter is short after he's taking away to give a speach as the guest of honour. Only to find out that the man who was pinning her to the wall outside is the one an only Tyler Marek anaspiring politician and owner of a construction empire. She can't stay she just needs to run away.

Tyler Marek can't forget this mysterieus girl from the Ball, but his first priority is now his son who lived all his life with his mother but is now staying for a year with him while she is abroad. He needs to work on his bonding and now he has also trouble in school.

After ending her tennis career Easton is ready to start her new job as an history teacher who involves technology in her classes. What she didn't count when having her first Parents-teacher meeting to stand eye in eye with the sexy Tyler Marek who doesn't approve the way of teaching and this time he's not planning to let her run again.

This is a hot sizzling, steamy, intriguing, emotional, conflicting story between a teacher and a parent. Can they survive all the taboo and the secrets?

A must read!!