Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby - Winter Renshaw Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.
Again an amazing story from Winter, this time in the city of lights Vegas.
What do you get when you have a hot playboy, a Hippie and a baby? Just read and find out!!

Crew Forrester the ultimate playboy who gets the shock of his life when an girl from the past lands on his doorstep the message that he's a daddy and she can't take care of it. Before Crew's brain gets it she's already left him with the baby, but after one look at the sweet girl he knows he will get the whole fatherhood thing under control.

Calypso a hippie owner of a bookshop is fed up with her neighbor who keeps her up all night with his love escapades, she even has a good nickname for him the Jackhammer. What she doesn't know it that the customer in her store buying all the baby books she has is the Jackhammer!!

This is a must read who appreciates, values, a conscience, romance and a ton of laughter’s.