Give Me Perfect Love (Perfect Love, #2)

Give Me Perfect Love (Perfect Love, #2) - Paige Horne Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.
I needed a couple of days after this story to get my emotions back under control because this is an amazing story.

Kat is struggling even after breaking it off with Bryce she thinks this is the wright way. A phone calls that tells her that her father died bring her back to her childhood house of nightmares. SHe thinks that this will finally be some closure to only find her mother who left her standing there in the living room.

Bryce is not planning to let Kathrine run she loves her to much. He wouls turn every rock over to find her only he didn't expect to find her this exhausted. From now on nothing will stand in their way anymore they love they have for each other is so strong and rare that they can concur everything, even an unsuspected pregnacy.

For the rest you will need to read the story I don't want to spoil this amazing loving story.

I would just like to end with what the author mentiones No matter what obstacles they may have to endure. No matter if time may have other plans. Love stays, love conquers and love always wins..... especially perfect love.