The Need: An Erotic Thriller

The Need: An Erotic Thriller - S.L. Hannah Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.
Three days ago the writer asked me Will you be able to review the book within a month from receiving , at first I found it a strange question off course after you read a book you write asap the review but then after reading this Thriller I understood why.

Angie gets pulled deeper by the beautifull and confident Heather, I understand the reaction because when you start reading you also get pulled deeper in the story. At one time you love both characters and the other time you just hate them.

So how to describe this story without spoilers
° sensual - erotic
° dark - creepy
° suspense
° addicted
° mind games

And a last an ending you will not expect!! So don’t wait and start reading this amazing Erotic thriller.

Great first book from this writer and I hope the read more from her!!