The Unforgettable Ex

The Unforgettable Ex - Miranda P. Charles Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.
Damn Miranda you did it again and also shattered my dreams bij mentioning This is a work of fiction.  All of the characters, locations, organisations and events described in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination, fictitious or are used fictitiously and here I was trying to find me also some of this Unforgettable Ex.

I always get in a good mood when I see a mail from Miranda because that means she delivered me another great story to review. This story is about Gavin and Natasha who you know from the previous stories in the Captured by love series.

After 5 years of lusting after Gavin it's time that Miranda moves on with her live, because how many times can her heart survive every time he rejects her. Maybe she needs to give Leo a chance, but why is Gavin now interrogating him? Ok maybe her big protective brother was behind this and he needed to make sure that Leo was good for his sister.

Gavin needs to find his worst nightmare Cameron Biggs soon because he will not standby to loose the woman who he loved for almost 5 years his Tash. After putting Biggs wife in jail he made it his live mission to destroy every woman Gaving will ever love to see him suffer unfortunately for Amber she'd caught Biggs attention that time but he didn't know he kidnapped the wrong girl. So for the moment his Tash was not on his radar.

Since the evening was coming to an end it was time to start a new round of their Caputered by love game. Supprisingly Leo get in the game and bets on his self, everyone's eyes went to Natasha. But she was quickly save by Brad who was putting his money on Gavin and then her future sister-in-law’s declared the same bet. What is happening here, did she miss something? No time to think about it because everybody wanted to know who she would bed one. What's the best solution to get away out of the spotlight than to bet also on Gavin. What she didn't expect was that he betted on himself also and who's this mystery lady?

Could this lady be Amber who returns out of the blue? And what will Biggs do when he finds out that Natasha is Gavin's true love? Will Gavin and Carter find Natasha on time or will she disappear this time.

So if you want to know how the story ends hurry and start reading this amazing story.