The Temptress

The Temptress - C.J. Fallowfield Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.
This book is a page-turner once you start you can stop reading; the story of Luc and Lulu is hot, emotional and unforgettable. The author writes this story so with passion and feelings that you automatically get sucked in this love story. I can tell you once you start reading C.J. books you will buy another one from her.

One night is Paris is what changed Lulu’s life forever. She was not planning on a one night stand but who can resist this hot charismatic, dominant and irresistible Frenchman Luc. When he wants something he goes for it and he doesn’t stop before he has Lulu.

The morning ended with shame from Lulu and she fled his apartment but years later she still compares every man to the one she left behind in Paris. Ok she has a great life and she runs an exclusive honey trap agency, but in her personal life she is empty. Till one day that a certain Mrs. Le Grand hires her to lure her rich husband in a trap. With no one available at this short notice she will need to step in for this time and get back in her role as Temptress.

But she was not prepared for the mark that was sitting at the hotel bar.
Luc never forgot the girl who ran away after a one night stand in Paris. Even on his honeymoon night in his heat of passion he mentioned the Lulu’s name to his new wife. Even as his marriage is a business transaction he is still faithful to her. But even after six years he can’t forget her. But then one night sitting at the hotel bar faith brings Luc and Lulu back together.
Can Lulu keep herself to her company rule about not starting a relation with the target or will she break her own rule? Will Luc cheat on his wife?

A big recommendation for other readers who love a story with an emotional side.