Chasing Allie

Chasing Allie - Meli Raine Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review. OMG what a second story I want the last part now!!!! What a cliffhanger !!!!

Not only is my stepfather a drug dealer he has some plans for me, selling my virginity to a Mexican drug lord. Chase wants to bring me to LA to see my sister maybe then I'm safe and we can start living our dreams at the ocean.

After a great night of hope and dreams, I wake up alone where's Chase? And then I receive a call from the Police someone has killed my stepfather and I'm the prime suspect. They only thing I think about is where is Chase.

After getting hit on the head I wake up naked and bound. Who did this and why? I hear some footsteps but nothing had me prepaired for who is standing before me. Chase what's going on??