The Undercover Playboy

The Undercover Playboy - Miranda P. Charles What do you do when you get an ARC from Miranda about a new story? Yeah you will do like me scream in delight and start reading the book till you finish it each time you get sucked in the story then you laugh and scream and then you fall in love with the book.

This story is about an undercover detective Carter Garrett and his best friend sister the beautiful Cassie Stephens. When he starts working as an undercover in the art gallery owned by a suspect he never suspected he would run in with Cassie who had just started working there.

Cassie who is ecstatic to land this high-paying job can't believe that her new boss hired Carter to do some work there and the tension between them is growing by the minute. But in her mind she will not dream about a future between them because off Carter's playboy status, but then her new boss reveales a secret of Carter will she accept her bosses help to win his heart? And why does she want to help her?
A great romance with a lot of mystery and intrigues because not everything is what is seems.