The Unwilling Executive

The Unwilling Executive - Miranda P. Charles Yeah again a great start for a new series!!!

How can you not fall in love with the great Lucas aka Mr. F* King :o)
If you don't know him yet please read the Time for love series first he appeared in Again and At Last, than you will understand the Mr. F* King title better.

Great love story with lots of bumps on the way.
When Jade starts a new job she gets the task of contacting Lucas Renner to give him a letter and just wait for his reply. What she didn't know is how entangled she would be by just this simple task.

What does Lucas think about the blushing beauty who stirred him in the right places, is she playing him or is there more to their attraction? And what is this funny feeling he gets when he thinks of Jade?

Will they get over their trust issues and give their love a chance?