At Last

At Last - Miranda P. Charles In At Last we have the story of the last girl of the group Gemma Aldwyn.
After the New Year's resolution they made last year, she is the only one who hasn't found her potential happily-ever-after guy yet. Time is running out on her but she has one problem the one she wants is Mr. Commitment-Phobic.

Mr. Commitment-Phobic also known as Greg Carmichael loves the ladies and has no problem with having them but only for a short fling. But he has one problem he is lusting after Gemma but she only wants a commitment guy and doesn't go for casual relationships, so he needs to stay away from her but this is not an easy task.

But what happens if she proposes Greg for a short fling, can either of them handle this? And how will his female admirers react on this because not all of them are happy about this and will do all to destroy this.

And like the song of Etta James says has their love come along and are their lonely days over? Or will his admirers destroy this dream?