Sing Like Nobody's Listening

Sing Like Nobody's Listening - S.J. McCoy Okay what can I say we've another great story of the summer lake series. I was glad when I received this book from SJ just when I had a day of work because I couldn't stop reading it. The downfall I read it in one day, so maybe I need to start back from the beginning until a new one arrives.
Maybe the next story can be about Ben? So SJ what do you think because everybody wants to know his story.

This story is about Kenzie the sister of Megan, who gets involved with the hot singer Chase who sings at the resort with his band. But nothing in live goes easy for her, especially when you always think that you're not worth it. Will Chase get through her though barrier? Can he made more out their “one-of-a-kind kind of thing”?

I love reading this series I can't get enough off it. But I know we have still a couple to look forward too.

Thanks again SJ for sharing your stories.