Fearless - Annie Jocoby OMG what a story, from the beginning you get suck into the story and there’s no a way to stop reading.

This story is about the daughter of Ryan and Iris in the Illusions Series, so I recommend if you want to read Fearless read the parents series first you want be disappointed.

What happens if at the age of 11 the young extremely talented heiress Dalilah receives a bad review from a critic? She loses her passion in painting and now 8 years later everything she does is getting drunk and works as a nude model.

Luke Roberts did not expect to find his muse sitting on the bus on the way to a meeting today. At night the only thing he was thinking of was this pretty red head with the contemptuous look and the beautiful green eyes who had sit a half hour on the bus. So he made a sketch of the girl’s face to get rid of the stress he had from the day.

Blake Notthingham the wealthy benefactor who’s been trying to get to close in years with Dalilah has a proposition for her he wants to have a nude painting of her. And he has the perfect gifted artist to make this happen after seeing the sketch that Luke made earlier of her.

But Blake wants more from Delilah and will go to no ends after discovering that she and Luke have become more than painter and model.

Manipulations and dangerous games will not only destroy the man she loves but also her own life?