Desired Affliction 1

Desired Affliction 1 - C.A. Harms **I received an ARC copy for my review**
I loved the story of Kole and Lexi, except they are not strangers because Lexi has always had a crush for Kole when they were growing up.

Lexi’s life changed after she was raped by Kole’s nephew Matt. She doesn’t trust guys anymore and can only handle a touch from men when she is drunk. She and her friend Meg know it’s time to stop this before it’s going the wrong way.

Kole a hot playboy college boy has no problems with the girls, but he doesn’t know what he’s missing in his live until he meets Lexi again at a fraternity party. Lexi’s anything but the shy young girl he knew, she became a hot looking woman who he can’t forget about after their unexpected run in.

Can Kole get Lexi to feel again?