Work Like You Don't Need the Money

Work Like You Don't Need the Money - S.J. McCoy **I received an ARC copy for my review**
This is the second story in Summer lake series, it will involve Holly and Pete.

Holly’s in a young realist with her own small business and the maid of Honor for her best friend Emma and Pete hot big millionaire and powerful CEO is the best Man for Jack. What started as an innocent drive together their friends ends up in a hot sexual attraction.

They only way they can deal with it is to have it over with, so they promise each other one night of hot steamy sex with no strings. But will this be enough they next morning will they head back to reality?

But Pete is a man with a plan and no one even a hot sensual woman can get him to chance his plan. Easier said than done but he can’t get her of his mind and neither does she, so they make a small adjustment to have a relationship till the day of the wedding and then go their separate ways.

Will they be able to end it? Or will their love for each other be stronger?