The Barmaid (The Happy Spinster Series #2)

The Barmaid (The Happy Spinster Series #2) - Karena Marie **I received an ARC copy for my review**
If you read the Happy Spinster and found the story hot and steamy than you are in for a treat with The Barmaid, this story is even hotter.

You will get to know Annie, a beautiful Montreal barmaid who catches her long time boyfriend with another woman; she doesn't wait to kick him out of her house. Immediately her handsome co-worker is coming to the rescue to help her change the locks. Annie knows that Ray feels more for her, but he doesn't want to be the re-bound guy.

But when she goes out on a Girl's Night Out she ends with the hot Gilles and what started as an innocent flirt turns into a great hot sexy climax in a booth at a cafe. After all Gilles leaves for the country for a while so why not enjoy each other for the night.

Will she ever see him back after this amazing night of HOT SEXY PASSION?

Great story, easy written an addictive to read can’t wait for the next book