Anonymous - Holly Hood **I received an ARC copy for my review**
This is my first book from Holly Hood, I must say I loved it. It was good to read about a subject that not everybody wants to talk about drug and alcohol addiction.

Two people broken the one more than the other but something brings them together, while Elle needs to deal for the first time in the rehab center after losing her best friend in a drunk car accident where she was the driver she meets Hart.

Hart is not for the first time in this rehab center he needs to deal with his own drug and alcohol problems for a while now, a broken family and has problems with trusting people. But Hart sees something in Elle and is determined to deal with her problems.

For a while everything works out Elle leaves her shithead boyfriend Paulie and finds her happiness with Hart, but what happens when she finds out the truth about what causes the accident?

Will they be able to face their problems?