Indulging in Irelyn

Indulging in Irelyn - D.L. Raver Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.

Great story the connection between Zolt and Irelyn is cracking from the moment the meet. Easy to read, has some grammatical mistakes but it didn’t put me off at the moment. I got swept away with the story and it was difficult to put the book down and now I can’t wait for Being
Zolt since it book ended with a plot twist.

Since that painful day on the football field that ended Zolt’s football career his life changed dramatically, not only mental but also physical. After years he still thinks about the one woman who has captured his heart; a young, sable-eyed, blonde beauty, but is she real or only an imagination?

Irelyn has her own demons and one of them is her controlling possessive boyfriend. To pay off her speeding tickets she agrees to work as a paralegal for a month in her father’s law firm. She would never imagine that not only today will be an important day for her father, but will chance her live completely?

What will Zolt do when he comes face to face with his hallucination Irelyn? Will they have a chance of being together or will the controlling possessive boyfriend put an end to it?