Forever (Time for Love Book 1)

Forever (Time for Love Book 1) - Miranda P. Charles Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.
I love to read the books of Miranda, the stories are great and easy to read. You have everything, jealousy, misunderstandings but most of all forever love.

Rebecca leaves Zach after she’s told him that she loves him but he hadn’t been able to say the same words back to her. She gotten scared and was convinced that Zach would dump her after six months since that was him ammo.

Zach still could get over the fact that Rebecca has dumped him after telling him that she loved him. He was not the guy for a long term relationship but somehow Rebecca had captured his hart. So why couldn’t he say the words back to her? He needed to make sure that she was the woman for a long-term relationship before he said it. But after being dumped he started to realize that he loved her.

Now after several months their paths cross again since Rebecca and Sarah are hired as a private nurses for the grandmother of Zach, she wants to have them with her on a one month trip aboard a luxury cruise ship in case of health problems.

This is not an easy task for both since they still love each other even when Zach thinks that Rebecca has an affair with a married man and Rebecca thinks it didn't take him long to replace her with Miss Universe-Australia.

The truth will come out and maybe they have a chance to rekindle their love.