Dance like Nobody's Watching

Dance like Nobody's Watching - S.J. McCoy Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review.

This is the third book of the Summer Lake series and I loved the story of Missy and Dan.
If you read the first 2 books you know that Missy is a single mother to Scot a briljant computer geek young boy. To help this young genious Jack one of her friends invites his younger brother Dan over to mentor Scot.

Love is in the air all around Missy and her friends but for her it's not easy to fall head over heels she has to protect herself and also her son. But one person has captured her heart Dan the quiet, reserved guy who is mentoring her son. The air between those two are sizzling but she can't have him because he has a girlfriend and lives far away and is only in the weekend at Summer Lake. And besides what could she expect him to see in her anyway, a single mom who cleans house for a living.

Dan a hot looking genious computer guy is going back spend some brother time at the lake but secretly he wants to see Missy again. Since he started coming over to the lake he can't get Missy and her son out of his head.

Great love story a must to read book.