The Object of His Desire - P.J.  Adams Received a ARC for an honest review (my first one)

It all starts when Trudy goes nervously to her brother's wedding which she has not seen for a couple of months and never even met his fiancée Eleonar. To make things more awkward she finds out that her EX-boyfriend Charlie is also her brother's best man.
Standing at the church she meet’s the eyes of a handsome stranger.. a tempting, but dangerous stranger.

In the beginning you have very funny and HOT scenes, concerning Ex-boyfriend Charlie and not to forget the “BIG GIRL PANTIES”, which everybody can visualize now in their mind how the look like :o).
After coming to understand that the handsome stranger is in fact the brother of the bride, the attraction starts. Will has a lot of dark secrets but you don’t get a full perspective of this.

But then I got confused as the story starts having a lot of repeated sentences. And before you know the story ends abruptly, with no real ending. First I thought ok this will mean that there will be a sequel coming! NO because this was already published before in 4 short stories and now put together in 1 book. So why does the author not rewrite the story and change the repeating sentences, get more in detail about Will, Trudy and his strange possessive family?? Does their relationship stand a chance?

I expected more from this story, but I want to thank the author for giving me a chance to review this book.