Like Falling (Surfacing, #1) - Jaden Wilkes OMG loved it !!!

Sarah Miller is a young girl who lives in the Mennonite Community and lives in her own little world. Her live changes when she and her best friend Naomi go to University 100 miles away.

Sarah who is always been a little grey mouse loves her newborn freedom, will she enjoy her freedom or will she return to the community like her parents expect her to do to get married and have children?

The first day of university changes her live immediately she meets her hot professor Adam who she admired from reading his books and the HOT tattooed guy Tyr. What starts as innocent helping out her professor turns into an affair. But then there is Tyr the mysterious HOT guy who turns here whole live upside down but he has some deep dark secret. If these two are not enough there is the third hot guy Eric a Mennonite Community guy that her parents have chosen for her.

As you can see this book has a lot of HOT guys for you in stall, I loved it from the first moment I started, it was easy to read, has a lot of hot scenes in it. The characters have all their own depth and blind well together. Sarah has her own inner monologues that keeps you laughing, this is one of the best books that I have read in a long time and also the plot keeps you hanging.

Thank you Jaden for given me a chance to read/review this book, can’t wait for the next two books.