Finding Love's Wings - Zoey Derrick **I received a copy in exchange for an honest review**

What do you do after finding out that you lover is cheating on you? You run as far as you can get and go on a vacation to Tarah!!

Cami a non active CEO of an international entertainment firm is on her way to the airport when she comes across a billboard from Tristan Michaels, the hottest star at the moment. For the last 5 years he is her fantasy guy, fit, muscled and eyes that seem to see right into her soul. After a quick business in LA she will be heading to Honolulu and a connect flight to Tahiti, with no intention to staying there the locals told her about the island of Tarah, a very small and private island, this is what she needs. But everywhere she turns, Tristan Michaels image is splashed all over.

At downtown LA, Tristan Michaels is arguing with his girlfriend Layla at the red carpet. Layla decides that this is the perfect time to tell him about pictures that have been taken of her sleeping with the producer of her current project and which now have been leaked to a magazine. On top of that she tells him that she is pregnant from who she has no clue. Since they had no sexual contact for a time ago he is sure that he is not the father. This is the last bomb that has him running to ... Tarah.

Is this faith?? Two people finding each other at the same hotel, her fantasy guy and she his mystery lady with the fairy wings, the attraction to each other is undeniable.

I loved reading “Finding love's wings” it was easy and quick to read.
For once both characters are wealthy, strong and have both a lot of tats and piercings. The love scenes are intense, hot and sexy from the start to finish, can’t wait for the sequel.