Love's Protector (Maverick's Shield, #1) - Charisma Chloe **I received an ARC copy for my review**

After telling how her mother Carly Graciette died twenty-seven years ago, her sick father still believes is was not a natural cause. Amour Graciette sets out on a quest for answers, not knowing what box of Pandora she’s about to open.

Leaving her home Omaha, Nebraska Amour flies to LA where she tries to find some answers from the West Side Community Police but only they won’t help her because this case is closed, normal cause of death by heart attack. Amour will not give up so easy and is determined to find the answers she needs.

Leaving the Police station she meets Jason Kincaid, bodyguard/private investigator who will help her to find some answers, they quickly discover that some secrets can be deadly.
In these deadly situations Jason and Amour grow closer to another, will they have time to explore this attraction or will they run out of time with their lives on the line?

Loved the characters with the way they communicated with each other, it was a great story it had everything laughs, tears but most of all it kept me in suspense until the end.

I will definitely read more of her books.