His Wicked Games - Ember Casey **I received an ARC copy for my review**

Will you do anything to save the center that is everything to you and your father? Even take on the infamous HOT billionaire Calder Cunningham (who she hates most in the whole world for the moment).
Lily needs to know why he has stripped their funding after his father died, since she doesn’t get any answers from him personally she decides to trespass his mansion to get face to face with him and demand some answers.

But the HOT billionaire play-boy Calder Cunningham will not give her everything that easy, she needs to win it from him by playing his wicked games. Can Lily deny his sexual whispers and can she control her emotions during these games?

And what about the controlling ex Garrett, who arrives at the doorstep from Calder’s mansion? He is so furious/jealous that he can’t wait to reveal Calder’s secret.

My god you get sucked into the story from the beginning, funny parts, feisty girl, hot scenes and don’t forget the hot speaking seductive billionaire who knows definitely what he wants and how to get it!!

I will read it definitely a second time, can’t wait for the next book to see what happens.