I Am Her... - Sarah Ann Walker For all the people who didn't read this book take your time for it, read slow, if necessary lock you up somewhere quiet, take a glass of Zinfadel wine and enjoy this book.

I was blown away with this book; I’m still struggling to write a review. The only thing I can tell you is that this book is one book that will keep spinning in your head. The question I still have is what happened in the car on the parking lot exactly? Did I miss reading something? Maybe somebody can help me with this question or I need to read it a second time.

Usually I write a short detail about the book but now I can’t you need to read it yourself. But I believe that we all get the same strong feelings after reading it, and we all will love the characters Her, Z and Her Mac.

And if you have a panic attack try imagining the voice of Z telling you “Breathe. Breathe slowly; just breathe slowly for me….”

And thank you Sarah for this wonderful book and I CAN’T WAIT for the next story with Z and Mac