Chasing Dreams (The Falling, #1) - Kelli  Evans **I received an ARC copy for my review**

Did you ever thought about falling in love just by taking a trip to the Niagara Falls? Nathan Lawson didn’t but like the legend says the Niagara Falls has magical powers…

Selina LeClézio who is working at a tourist boat tour never thought to make a mistake by dating a tourist, but that changed the day Nathan and his two friends came on her boat tour. The three men were just taking a short vacation and where planning to spend some time fishing and enjoying local brews. But then Selina caught eye with Nathan both were drawn to each other, but both new this could not last so why not enjoy this connection, till Nathan is forced to leave because of a personal tragedy. Even Selina needs to deal now with personal struggles.

Will they decide to chase their dream of being together or will it be left to the magic of The Falls to show them their destiny?

I loved this story and I can’t wait to read The Falling #2.