The Billionaire's Ultimatum: His Absolute Need (The Billionaire's Ultimatum, #1-9) - Cerys du Lys "I was given a chance to read for a honest review.

Jessika a young girl working for a temp agency, is brought in to clean the office of CEO Asher Landseer but when she is caught snooping around his office and also destroys his book that he has recieved from his father, Asher decides to teach her a lesson.

He wants Jessika to carry a child for him and his wife. But when the go to lunch things begin too change between them, the attraction is both ways will they cross the line of infidelity?

But then Jessika finds out that Asher's wife Beatrice is cheating on him with the head of public relation Solomon Royce, they want too destroy him and his company.

Will she be able to rescue him and their relation or will everything be destroyed?

It had me captured from the first page until the last, loved it"