Assets (Balance Sheet, #1) - Shannon Dermott **I received an ARC copy for my review**
OMG is is the first book of Shannon and I LOVED IT

Bailey Glicks is an accountant who needed to get away and start fresh after knowing that here fiancée was cheating on her. On New Year’s evening the day that she should be married she has shag with a beautiful stranger in the ladies room where the party is held. After getting mixed feelings she runs away in the hope she never sees this guy again.

After eating brunch on New Year’s Day with her best friend Lizzy and her parents, she goes out on a blind date with a guy who’s Lizzy’s parents had arranged. Going to the 21 Club for dinner she would never had expected to see her sexy beautiful stranger enter with a tall leggy brunette on his arm. With her date sitting across the table Baily can’t stop gazing at the other table, even as she enjoys here date the beautiful stranger keeps capturing all her attention. After feeling hot and bothered she decides to fresh up in the bathroom, but when she leaves she bumps into a wall, a sexy Scottish wall Kalen Brinner.

He needs to know why she run away from him because he can’t get her out of his mind. Baily has difficulties believing that since he is there with a leggy tall brunette. But the chemistry between them is undeniable and they fit together perfectly. He wants to see her again will she give him a chance?

And what with Matt the brother of her friend Lizzy who is know confessing that he loves her from the moment when he saw her and still loves her.

In the meantime at her new job she is auditing she discovers that money is disappearing from multiple accounts soon after making her findings mentioned to her boss she’s being threatened. Not only to find out that here big boss is actually Kalen she finds herself in loss of her job and also the loss of her heart.

Left with a great cliff hanger will have to read Liabilities to see if Kalen and Bailey have a chance with their relationschip. Or will Matt have a chance to win her heart?