Secret Guardian (Secret Series, #3) - Jill Sanders **I received an ARC copy for my review**

After Ethan Night saves the son of a Congresman he is now hired by him to protect his daughter Ann without her knowledge, he needs to go undercover as her new cameramen Nathan Cruz a self absorbed, macho, chauvinist kinda guy.

Ann is a young journalist who is going to Brazil to cover the carnaval, but she can't stand her new cameramen, the guy seems to have no courtesy to be on time and also flirts more than once with all the females everyone except her. When she get's home she will have him fired, but first things first she needs to have a talk with Heitor, a large Brazilian man who had approached her. He started talking about the connections his boss has with a multiple drug lords or worse, this could be here ticket to earn her world recognition, and possibly even the Pulitzer.

After the interview everything got worse, her van was blown up and her two other co-workers got killed, Ethan knows he needs to get her away now and protect her from the drug cartel.

Will they survive the trip back home through the jungle of Brazil? Are they going to fall for each other?

I loved the story it had me in suspense till the last page!!!